Pool Fencing and Gates

Pool Fencing to Provide Security and Peace of Mind…
Pool fences are designed for your swimming pool to improve safety and prevent children and pets from accidentally slipping and falling into the pool. It is a requirement in this country and most other countries to have a properly installed pool fence to minimize the risk and there are heavy penalties for not complying with government acts regarding this.
Still, the sad fact is that even nowadays the majority of drowning incidents of children under the age of 5 occur in pools where there is no swimming pool fencing.
Never Compromise on the Quality of your Pool Fencing…
There is too much at stake, if you have invested in a pool, no matter what size, you must install swimming pool fencing and pool gates that are compliant with the fencing of swimming pools act. Even though you may not have children or they may have grown up and left home there is still the possibility of someone making there way into your yard and falling into your pool, this makes you responsible for there well being, and if there is no pool fencing you will be held liable. This could mean anything from not just the cost to you financially and emotionally but in serious cases you can end up in prison.
To avoid that risk talk to us at FenceWorks, you can be confident and secure in the knowledge that you have properly designed and installed pool fencing that is compliant and safe.
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