Trellis Fencing

The Simplistic Beauty of Trellis Fencing…
Trellis fences are basically a lattice fence panel constructed from timber. They are commonly used as a decorative timber fence for your garden while still providing a solid barrier for privacy and keeping children and animals in or out of your boundary. We have many different styles of trellis fence to choose from depending on your needs.
These Benefits Make Trellis Fencing a Natural Choice…
All natural wood fencing
Aesthetically pleasing
Perfect wooden fence for climbing plants to grow up
Blends in well with your landscape
Superior quality wood fences
Comes with complete capping
Protects your garden from animals
Does not block the sunshine from your garden
All of our wood panels are treated to protect against rot, this also improves the lifespan and durability of the panels for many years to come.
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