Timber Fencing

Timber Fencing, the Natural Fencing Solution…
The timber fence is one of the most commonly used fencing solutions in residential and commercial applications around the world. Its proven track record cannot be overtaken by the modern fencing alternatives that we have today. It can be built to effortlessly blend in with the natural environment around your home or business; its only limitation to its versatility being the builder on the project.
The Classic Look and Feel of Timber Fencing…
Because of its thickness and heavy characteristics, timber fences can greatly absorb noise and block strong winds making it the perfect fencing solution for urbanized areas and busy environments. It also adds a coolness and serenity to your place where aluminum and steel fences may be lacking.
Well-Designed, Quality Timber Fencing Range…
All of our wooden fencing products are built using treated timber and galvanised fixings; this insures the maximum life span and your satisfaction.
You can rest assured that when you purchase one of our wooden fences you will get quality workmanship backed up with a one year labour guarantee.
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