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Things To Consider When Choosing New Fence Designs…
There are many reasons you may want to build a fence in your yard, perhaps your looking for privacy or security; maybe you want to keep children or pets in the yard or other people’s pets out.
By first considering what you want from a fence you’re more likely to select a fence style that fits your needs as well as your landscape plan.
A good place to start when looking at new fence designs is to look around your own neighbourhood, you’ll probably see several types of fences, some probably provide more privacy and security than others and some are more aesthetically pleasing than others, you’ll want to consider how the fence will look on the outside as well as how it looks on the inside. A fence may be beautiful from your yard but unattractive to your neighbour.
It is always a good idea to consult with your neighbour before you start construction as you might need to have an agreement with them first, if you are replacing an old boundary fence then the cost can actually be split with them.
Constructing your own fence is really not that difficult with proper planning and education; we can show you how to build a fence but if you decide that building your own fence is more than you want to tackle then FenceWorks can do it for you, we’ll design and install a fencing system that will fit your needs exactly.
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